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Closet Full of Coke

This memoir had me completely hooked.  Written as a type of journal or diary, it is sad and did make me cry a few times ... a whirlwind of dealing, dancing, spending, trips to Florida, evading the police.  Totally had me mesmerized from start to finish.

The Eclectic Bookworm


Indra hooks the reader instantly and maintains this pace throughout the book. I can say there was not one page when I was bored or disinterested which made it a quick read for me ..."Closet Full of Coke" is a fascinating, brutally honest story of being a teenage drug dealer in the 1980's. It was so honest and uncensored, I felt as if I was looking through a neighbor's window but couldn't look away.

Classics Without The Class


A memoir such as this works on at least two levels. First, as a human-interest story. What motivates someone to make what, in retrospect, is a series of bad decisions? We see how easy it is for setbacks in life to send someone down the wrong path and that it is easy for a person to see the positives of taking a particular route while ignoring the negatives.

But Closet Full of Coke also works as a story to entertain or a means of escape from the real world, just as much as a novel.


Readers have called it “haunting,” “a car wreck you can’t look away from,” “a roller coaster ride,”

and “Alice in Wonderland meets Scarface.”