from Noir Books

A Glimpse Inside a Hidden World

I wanted the girl I once was to tell her stories without interruption. The result is a series of diaries written like novels about a girl who lives in various hidden subcultures. I find the characters I meet and the choices I make tell the story best. Nothing in my books resemble a "normal" life.

Although real life can follow a fiction-like arc, the twists of life are surprising and unexpected, and the outcomes unpredictable.

I don't remember choosing to live in subcultures, I stumbled into it both by birth, and later, by a desire to be part of a family, or a group, something greater than myself that gives purpose to life and possibly, love.

I compare my books to Film Noir, where there are no heroes and people cringe while helplessly watching characters slip down the rabbit hole towards their inevitable demise, driven by an unending series of bad choices.