Always Looking for Home

​A Memoir of Seeking

This book is a sequel

description contains spoilers on Closet Full of Coke

from Noir Books

​​A Glimpse Inside a Hidden World

Narrated by the teenage girl who lived it, Closet Full of Coke tells the true story of how a New York suburban fifteen-year-old girl's savvy and wit helps turn the small-time drug business of Armando, a Colombian drug dealer, into a large cocaine operation that puts them on the DEA's Wanted List.

 My first memoir is about drug dealers. It's written in the voice and perspective of a teenage girl. As a teen in the 1980s, I lived in a hidden suburban subculture. I spent my days raking in the cocaine bucks for my dapper, thirtysomething Columbian boyfriend. I spent my nights dancing at a disco and drinking heavily.

Most dealers live like chameleons, hiding in plain sight, but with America's huge drug habit they are ubiquitous. Drug dealers have a surprisingly interesting ethos unknown to outsiders. They live by elaborate rules and codes and use an intricate methodology to conduct business. They are far more organized than people imagine, and they see themselves as business people and entrepreneurs. Serious dealers who want success don’t use drugs, and they deal to other dealers, not to users.

The book is written as a diary in a novel style. 

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Can Innocence Lost Be Regained?

She lost everything that mattered; first, her home, and far worse, her little sister.

After three years of probation ends, the former juvenile delinquent travels the US on a quest to save the world. Driven by a yearning for redemption while haunted by her past, this is the story of one woman's quest to find meaning, love, family, and most of all home, in an ever-changing landscape of people and places.

Like her first book, Closet Full of Coke, this is a diary of dates, though locations change with every chapter. From New York to Washington DC, Kentucky to Florida, West Virginia to New Mexico, and finally through Spain, Morocco, Ivory Coast, and Ghana, here are the triumphs and travails of Sena, a girl reeling from tragedy and loss, desperately seeking to create a life of purpose and connection.

Filled with colorful characters, travels, and a look into the subculture of Rainbow Family and other political activists in the ‘90s. 

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